Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by MAGISTER on May 7th 2011, 2:30 am

Follow these rules and everything will be fine. Not following these rules will result in an infraction (in most cases), multiple infractions (depending on the degree) will result in a ban.

1. Don't double post, meaning posting more than once in a row. Just edit your first post, there's nothing difficult about that and it saves a whole lot of mess and an unoverviewable thread.

2. Don't flame, meaning purposely insulting another member and his thread or post. What might be total nonsense to you, could be very true to another.

3. Don't spam. I also set the minimum of 10 characters per post for a reason; To prevent posts like "Lol" and "Cool!" Please use your common sense to know what is and what isn't spam. If you really feel the need to spam, use The Spambin.

4. Don't hijack or derail threads. Just create a new thread about the subject you wish to discuss and help keep the forum organized, else it'll only get harder for people to find what they're looking for.

5. Post relevant threads. Again, use your common sense to decide if your thread is relevant or not. If you can't seem to do so, the moderating team will gladly help you, by deleting your thread.

6. Respect your fellow members. This should be very obvious. I don't ever want to see any racist remarks or direct assaults aimed at another member. Depending on the degree of the insult, this could result in an instant ban.

7. Don't abuse Thread Tags and the Tag Cloud. Keep Tags related to the thread's and its posts' subject. They exist for convenience, not for your enjoyment.

8. Do not post pirated content or link in any threads.

9. No pornographic content. As long as there is no nudity, the images are allowed. Meaning no nipples, either! Links to pornographic sites are out of the question.

10. Signatures may not exceed a size of 250 pixels high, by 700 pixels wide. (This is the total dimension, not per image!) Think of the fixed forum width and the members with slow internet connections.

11. Don't advertise any websites and/or forums that that roughly serve the same purpose as these, provide pyramid schemes, provide free goods and/or attempt to sell goods.

12. Don't create more than 1 account. If you're banned, you're banned. Wait patiently, until you are unbanned. If you wish for a different username and have a very good reason, PM me.

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