Rules and Regulations (Posting and creating threads)

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Rules and Regulations (Posting and creating threads)

Post by KiiNgZoNe on May 8th 2011, 10:11 am

To ensure the orderliness of the forum, please read this before posting any at other discussions or threads.

Have patience to look at the older threads, you might make a thread that was already discussed. Reviving dormant threads is always allowed, but keep in mind that when doing it, be sure also to read the thread, you might POST one that was already discussed and answered, and do not post senseless ones like questions too obvious enough to be given an answer.

PLEASE, make threads ONLY to the discussion that relates with your thread. Posting and creating threads at the wrong forum will not be moved to the related topic, instead it will be sent to the VOID. You have to make another thread in that related discussion to make amendment/s.

Threads, posts and topics that serve to BULLY, TROLL, FLAME and especially ATTACKING and OFFENDING other members are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Sure, you can make a troll joke, as long as it is not offensive, and the person who made a fault can laugh at it, but doing the YOU-KNOW-WHAT-TROLL (laughing over the mistakes of others, bullying, or overreacting over one's fault is deplorable.

About the SPAMBIN. The general and posting rules will STILL BE APPLIED. Just because it is a SPAM BIN, you cannot actually spam like multiple-posting or make retarded comments to do something out of boredom and to just show yourself when you can actually comment a better one. It is a SPAM BIN, but that does not mean flaming, attacking and offending others is alright in the given section. Respect is a must in this forum, especially that WE ARE FILIPINOS and we are actually known for our deep respect and humility.

Now, for other matters like:

1. "Moderators locked our threads!" Whyy..?

- Normally, Moderators and Administrators send threads to the VOID, and lock them. When locking other threads that seemed nothing is wrong about that thread, they may have reasons, like if that thread had come very soon like theorizing tier lists in games that aren't released yet etc. Have them post their reason in the thread and have them lock it, or send them a Private Message asking why did they do it.

2. I accidentally created a thread that was already discussed? What do I do?

- Like I said, take time looking for threads that have that kind of discussion. To answer the question, seek a Moderator and have him/her send the given thread to the VOID.

3. I have a problem with this member. He/she replies and posts ones that seem offending to me.

- Try first talking to that member you are talking about and try to solve your issue/s. If he/she continues to do that, seek counsel to a Moderator or an Administrator to help you on that matter.



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