Using Xilisoft Converter

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Using Xilisoft Converter

Post by MAGISTER on May 7th 2011, 3:41 am

For those who are uploading videos for their replay battle. You can save more video size but same quality. Here are steps you need.

1. Download the Xilisoft converter

2. Click the ADD FILE icon and select your desire replay video.

3. Once the video is already inserted, go to PROFILE and go to PSP & PS3 then select the PSP MPEG4 Video

4. Check the video size. You can customize your own size. Change the size into 480 X 272

5. Go to Bitrate and change the number into 1800K

6. Change the Framerate into 30fps

7. Aspect Ratio should be 16:9

8. Check the Same Quality as TRUE

9. Check the 2pass as TRUE

10. Check the do_deinterlace as TRUE

11. If everything is done, then click CONVERT icon button to initiate converting

12. If finished, you can check the video size. If your normal video size is 252MB then if you convert it with the instruction given. Your video size will turn into 50+mb depending on the video size

P.S. Special thanks to Aldred who share this wonderful video converter

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